Investment needs.

Investment needs.

We are actively raising US$ 400K.

200K to take us to break-even (daily production of 650L) + 200k to grow our business to to 900L/day.

Further details below or contact CEO Jane Dunlop directly here - jane@aluan.co

Photo: Paul Hilton, Bangkaru Island, Dec 2019.

What are you investing in?

What are you investing in?

By supporting āluān you support conservation of the Bangkaru & Simeulue Islands through sustainable business & direct conservation via our sibling organisation the Ecosystem Impact Foundation. This includes critical ranger patrols to ensure that turtle nests and birds stay safe from poachers and plastic pollution.

  • Growing the business to a cash flow positive scale from 250 Litres to 650 Litres per day

  • Working capital to buy coconuts from organic farms and hire staff

  • Construction of our staff room, storage warehouse, and office

  • Purchasing machinery, including a centrifugal cream separator
A model of what is possible in order to heal and conserve our natural world and to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A model of what is possible in order to heal and conserve our natural world and to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Three years ago we acted on our vision to grow a business that provides real practical solutions to the global climate and biodiversity crisis.

A sustainable coconut business, āluān is a rare, viable alternative to the mainstream industrial production model which is the main cause of deforestation in this part of the world.

The Bangkaru & Simeulue Islands of Indonesia have global importance for their biodiversity, intact primary rainforest and ecosystem services which support millions of people. They offer the last refuge and nesting sites for endangered sea turtles which nest 365 days of the year. These islands sit alongside the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place where tigers, rhinos, elephants and orang-utans coexist.

Our vision is to transform agricultural supply chains to serve nature and people, first in Bangkaru & Simeulue Islands and then into buffer zones of the Leuser Ecosystem. We run direct conservation programmes through our Ecosystem Impact Foundation.



  • Produced and sold 44,000L of coconut oil (2019).

  • Directly employing 61 people on Simeulue Island.

  • Sales revenue of US$265,000 (2018) / US$293,000 (2019).

  • A preferred ingredient supplier to the world’s most ethical and sustainably minded clients both in the personal care and health food market, from Asia to Europe.

  • Strong, ongoing B2B partnership with Lush (ethically aligned beauty retailer in 49 countries).

  • 3 years of Organic Certification (USDA, JAS, EU) covering 2,635ha of coconut plantations.

  • Directly supported 469 smallholder coconut farmers to receive premium prices, and into farmer field schools.

  • Designed and built a international standard production house.

  • Piloted a coconut replanting program.

  • Built a strong, trademarked brand with full traceability and transparency in what is traditional a commodity market.

  • Raised investment finance from leading international impact investors who care about social, financial and environmental returns (the IIX Growth Fund & C4D Partners).
Is it risky? Yes… but inaction is more so.

Is it risky? Yes… but inaction is more so.

Our world needs new solutions. And that requires us to breathe deeper and take some risks as we pivot to a new way of doing things. Led from our hearts. With the collective in mind, not our siloed way of doing things.

Initially it feels strange and uncomfortable and takes a bit more hard work, but then it becomes the new norm.

This is an investment to support an ambitious business that is positively transforming the Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands alongside others - a wild part of the planet with global significance.

Thanks for making this possible.

Discuss further with CEO Jane Dunlop here - jane@aluan.co